[Squeakland] the non universals

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 17 10:10:44 PDT 2007

On Thu August 16 2007 6:34 am, Alan Kay wrote:
> To me this is an example of how a field can and does select the
> personalities and skills that fit to its actual mission.

Of course, the statement can be applied to the business world as well.

Contrary to the focus of most hiring managers, I was lucky enough to learn 
from a manager who would always hire people (be them engineers or musicians) 
that were superior at their craft but not necessarily fit the goals of his 
group nor socially fit with others in the group (oh, the stories I could tell 
you!) He hired people because they were very good at what they did, no matter 
what it was. He possessed the skills to cultivate the individual skills into 
new group directions which resulted in innovative products that the whole 
team stood behind. Eventually they celebrated their individual differences 
and their group differneces by making T-Shirts which read:

(not his real name)

In politics too. I've read that A. Lincoln built his cabinet on political 
rivals. In fact, they thought he was some dumb backwoods bumpkin who would 
lead the union to ruin. Convincing them to join his cabinet and focusing each 
on the real job at hand is testamant to his superior managerial skills.


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