[Squeakland] Demoing Etoys to kids

Kim Rose kim.rose at vpri.org
Mon Aug 13 13:22:11 PDT 2007

Hi, Luke -

Sorry for my delay in response...I know you've received many ideas 
and messages so far, but here is a little more info.

Before the "Etoys Challenges" I would have them play with the paint 
system to draw and keep some simple objects -- that is why the car 
works so well.   I usually have 1st timers paint a car and keep it 
and then do some very simple scripting with forward and turn.  Then, 
we have them paint a steering wheel and steer the car using the 
wheel.  Just these activities can take up all of your time if you 
only have 40-60 minutes.

PDFs for these starting  projects are here: 
http://www.squeakland.org/sqmedia/books/kimbjbook.html (CLick on the 
thumbnail and you will have printable pages).

IF there is enough time the next thing you might do is ask them to 
create an obstacle course where they can drive their car around the 

I would only suggest the "Etoy Challenges" that come with the XO 
AFTER they do these particular projects.

Also, the handles tutorial, "Demon Castle" is a good starter, but you 
said many only speak Arabic so this may not be best.
I hope this helps!
good luck and have fun,

At 10:09 AM -0700 8/11/07, Alan Kay wrote:
>Hi Luke --
>Kim knows where this stuff is better than I, but there is quite a 
>bit of material about introductory use on squeakland.org. The "make 
>a car and drive it" is always a good one to start off with. Most of 
>these exercises are in Kim's book, and she can send you a pointer to 
>some pdfs.
>You could also look at the half-finished (but still 50 page) doc I 
>did for OLPC. It has lots of different examples.
>This is at http://www.vpri.org/pdf/OLPCCountries_RN-2007-006-a.pdf .
>Also, we just met some folks from Nepal who have been actively doing 
>Etoys there for a few years. Kim might have their email addresses....
>At 03:58 AM 8/11/2007, Luke Gorrie wrote:
>>Can anyone suggest a fun way to demo Etoys to kids aged around 10-12?
>>A friend and I are helping out with a couple of summer camps for kids
>>and we're looking for an opportunity to bring Etoys into the mix,
>>either one on one or with a small group, and for only a short period
>>of time (30-60 minutes, say). Most of the kids only speak arabic, we
>>have one OLPC XO and several other laptops.
>>Our first idea was the "Etoys Challenge for Novices" from the OLPC XO
>>but we wonder if this is a bit ambitious based on half an hour with a
>>bright 12-year-old who can read english (I'm not sure).
>>What we'd like is for kids to be amused and to have some glimpse of
>>what a computer is like, and for ourselves to learn a bit about how
>>kids deal with computers. Any advice would be welcome.
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