[Squeakland] OLPC squeak on OSX

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Fri Aug 10 20:07:23 PDT 2007

Randy you can double click the image file and that should run the  
most current virtual machine you have. You can do get Info on the  
etoys.image in the Finder and examine and alter the Open with: tab to  
see which VM the *.image file is going to use.  If you have multiple  
etoy folders, installs, Squeak VMs, and OLPC VMs/images it can be a  
bit confusing about which VM will be used. Sometimes the Finder has  
it's own ideas, although it should be using the "latest" application  
that understands how to open the document.

Technically think of the VM as the macintosh application, and the  
image file as the Document.

I noticed the SqueakLand.app  VM on the OLPC-Etoys070726.zip   
contains internally a Squeakland.image  which is used by default if
you double click on the SqueakLand.app. You could replace that  
Squeakland.image with another image if needbe.

Mind I suspect the Squeakland.app in the OLPC-Etoys070726.zip should  
not contain the Squeakland.image since I think it's replaced by the  
etoys.image? Er this makes the zip file 2x as large since there are  
two images in the zip file.

If you desire a command line equivalent there are a number of  
choices. The easiest is to use the 'open' command

open -a Squeakland.app etoys.image

which says open the application Squeakland.app with the document  

On Aug 10, 2007, at 6:08 AM, Randy Heiland wrote:

> Is there an alternative to dragging the image onto the app to fire  
> up etoys - preferably a command line equivalent?
> -Randy

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