[Squeakland] Squeak and concept maps.

Andrés juandres99 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 12:16:15 PDT 2007

Hi friends squeakers and smalltalkers!:

    I am not assiduous participant, but I would like to sound out your
opinions and ideas on a subject that I investigate.

    I compile information, on the one hand about conceptual/mental
maps and it use, and on the other hand on Squeak/Smalltalk.

    At the moment I have not gone beyond this compilation, when
yesterday, I felt sparks in my mind, something that in "rare"
occasion happens to me… |-)

    The question would be: have you had experience, or at least
references, of development or use of conceptual/mental
maps with environments or tools of Squeak/Smalltalk?.
    Those sparks said me that theoretical foundations of both
subjects are interlace, being able to combine (it is my impression),
reinforcing itself, to offer investigation solutions to us, study and
knowledge, that it "craving" to me, quite powerful.

   Any indication that you have the kindness to contribute will be
received with happines.

   Wishing all of you have had very nice Sunday thanks for your


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