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Hübner, Uwe uh at msc-ge.com
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Great list!
Some time ago I was looking myself for E-Toy projects.
My special interest is in E-Toy projects that are 'ready'
to play with (for teaching something).

Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed. I could not find
very much. Here is my complete! bookmark list up to now:

And a bit off topic:

However, stay tuned! I'm going to create some E-Toy projects
myself and (at least) if finished they will be announced on this
list. But they might be for much younger children.


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Hi all:

I am a K12 teacher and I have worked with Squeak for
two years. I think that it's an excellent tool to see
the learning process and its development with
constructivist and constructionism ideas.

For use in the K12 classroom, it is a powerful help to
see a list of projects and Squeak's repositories. We
have a list of them. You can see it in:


Does anybody know any other places?

Thanks, Fernando.

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