[Squeakland] rotationCenter (was UI feedback)

Randy Heiland heiland at indiana.edu
Tue Jan 24 06:21:40 PST 2006

Thanks Scott.  Is it the case that this only works when Sketch's heading=0 ?
I figured out how the 2 arguments affected placement of the rotationCenter
(rC) and created 4 scripts - each one placing it in a different corner.
However, when I did a 'turn by' (or simply changed the value of its heading)
on the sketch, the rC scripts then had no effect.





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Hi, Randy,





  -- Scott



At 4:53 AM -0500 1/24/06, Randy Heiland wrote:

Apologies for being ignorant in Squeak (textual) pgming, but *exactly* what
would I type into a script?  E.g., I create a rectangle 'Sketch', open its
Viewer, drag out an emptyScript tile, and toggle it to show textual code --
then what?  By default, of course, the "rotation center" crosshairs is in
the center of the rectangle.  Let's say I'd like to program it to be at the
lower-left corner - how could I do that?

--Randy (feel free to reply to the list; didn't know if we should keep this

On Jan 23, 2006, at 4:52 PM, Scott Wallace wrote:

At 2:33 PM -0500 1/23/06, Randy Heiland wrote: 

... (This is also somewhat related to a question I posted a few weeks
back about programmatically setting the location of the rotation center, to
which Scott replied that it was not possible).

Just to clarify, my reply was that it (i.e. programmatically setting an
object's rotation center) could not done with tiles alone, but that it was
"easily accomplished" if the user were willing to resort to using a single
line of *textual* script...

At 3:24 PM -0800 12/6/05, Scott Wallace wrote: 


However, programmatically setting an object's rotation center is

easily accomplished via a *textual* script.  Send #rotationCenter: to

the player's costume's renderedMorph.


  -- Scott
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