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Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Tue Jan 24 03:48:01 PST 2006

Hi, Randy,


   -- Scott

At 4:53 AM -0500 1/24/06, Randy Heiland wrote:
>Apologies for being ignorant in Squeak (textual) pgming, but 
>*exactly* what would I type into a script?  E.g., I create a 
>rectangle 'Sketch', open its Viewer, drag out an emptyScript tile, 
>and toggle it to show textual code -- then what?  By default, of 
>course, the "rotation center" crosshairs is in the center of the 
>rectangle.  Let's say I'd like to program it to be at the lower-left 
>corner - how could I do that?
>--Randy (feel free to reply to the list; didn't know if we should 
>keep this offline)
>On Jan 23, 2006, at 4:52 PM, Scott Wallace wrote:
>>At 2:33 PM -0500 1/23/06, Randy Heiland wrote:
>>>... (This is also somewhat related to a question I posted a few weeks
>>>back about programmatically setting the location of the rotation center, to
>>>which Scott replied that it was not possible).
>>Just to clarify, my reply was that it (i.e. programmatically 
>>setting an object's rotation center) could not done with tiles 
>>alone, but that it was "easily accomplished" if the user were 
>>willing to resort to using a single line of *textual* script...
>>At 3:24 PM -0800 12/6/05, Scott Wallace wrote:
>>However, programmatically setting an object's rotation center is
>>easily accomplished via a *textual* script.  Send #rotationCenter: to
>>the player's costume's renderedMorph.
>>   -- Scott
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