[Squeakland] Fwd: Tweak in Browser Plugin

Fournier Eric emf at umn.edu
Thu Jan 19 14:46:07 PST 2006

I'm successfully running Tweak now in a browser window via the  
NPSqueak plugin. Everything runs bug-equivalent (so far) with the  
standalone version with the exception of...

Several keys are mapped oddly from the keyboard when in the Tweak  
environment. s,w,h,b, the return key, some others(?) are being paired  
with control characters only in Tweak, only in browser. I can run  
same image standalone and have no troubles.

The plugin is v3.5.3C1, and we are using much newer (assuming that  
plugin version maps to VM version) standalone VMs (3.8.8b14, 3.8.9b7).

I scanned through the image looking for some 'I'm in a browser so do  
this weird stuff with keystrokes' code, but found nothing.

Any ideas?

-- Eric

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