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Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Mon Feb 20 23:24:14 PST 2006

Hi, Sholom,

Unfortunately, you can't use cut-and-paste to import external 
graphics into Squeak.

To bring a picture into Squeak, you need to have it in a *file*, not 
just on the clipboard.  So if you have a picture on the Clipboard and 
you want to import it into Squeak, you'll first need to go through 
the intermediate step (outside of Squeak) of creating a file to hold 
the picture.

[On the Mac, for example, you could start up the Preview application, 
choose "New from Clipboard" to import the picture into a Preview 
document, then use "Save" to save the resulting document into a disk 

There are several ways of importing a file-based graphic into Squeak, 
of which perhaps the two easiest are:

(1)  In the Finder, use drag-and-drop to "drop" the file onto a 
running Squeak; you'll see desired picture appear as a new 
SketchMorph within the Squeak window.

(2)  Alternatively, from within Squeak, open the golden Navigator, 
and hold the mouse down on the "Find" button until a menu appears. 
Choose "find any file" from this menu.  In the ensuing blue 
file-chooser, choose the desired file, and hit the "Open" button to 
bring it into Squeak.


  -- Scott

At 7:50 PM -0500 2/20/06, Sholom Eisenstat wrote:
>I'm trying to remember how images are brought into Squeak as new morphs.
>If I copy an image from  some source, and then bring up the desktop 
>menu, there's a 'new morph' choice. However, selecting 'paste from 
>buffer' only works if the image has been cut from Squeak itself.
>What am I missing?
>Sholom Eisenstat
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