[Squeakland] colliding balls

Randy Heiland heiland at indiana.edu
Wed Feb 15 11:54:09 PST 2006

During my presentation last week, a teacher asked me about the possibility
of using Squeak to simulate colliding balls (e.g. gas molecules).  I came up
with this simple project:

and would like feedback on the "best" way to do collision detection - for
siblings, in this case.  The little 2-ball simulation I show in this proj
result in a springy/sticky action as they collide (due to the test and the
forward by amount, I guess.  Is there a better test to use than "overlaps
any", or better logic?

Also, I captured the screen image before saving the project.  After I saved
the proj, all "Sketch" tiles in the scripts were changed to "Sketch1".  I
think I've had this happen before, reported it, and had Scott reply, but I'm
too lazy to go try to find it right now :)  Maybe it happened due to the
fact that I had assignment stmts for both Sketch and Sketch1 in the 'reset'


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