[Squeakland] Help needed on reply about squeak

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Mon Dec 11 12:32:51 PST 2006

Brad Fuller wrote:
> Alan Kay wrote:
>> Hi --
>> We could use lots more documentation in lots more languages most 
>> certainly. It would be nice to have all the writing systems of the world 
>> available and usable (the OLPC machine will probably force us to do that).
> I don't know much about Unicode and the multi-language support in 
> squeak. I was hoping that someone knowledgeable in this area could give 
> me a link or clue as to where to look so I could prepare a proper 
> response to his concerns. Especially if someone has a Hebrew version.

I found multilingual info on the swiki, as well has truetype font usage.
And have sent the reply. I didn't find any links about Hebrew, though. 
If anyone knows, I'll pass it along.

thanks for your help!

brad fuller
  +1 (408) 799-6124

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