[Squeakland] Help needed on reply about squeak

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Mon Dec 11 09:42:51 PST 2006

Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> What would be really helpful is some tutorial projects that are 
> downloaded right with the etoys installation. That is what we're doing 
> with the OLPC version, for which we also are working on better language 
> rendering support.
> The OLPC etoys version should run fine on any machine. But making the 
> example projects appear in the general projects list requires some work, 
> and making the font choices configurable (they are set up for a 200 dpi 
> screen now) would also be necessary. A plan of action would be for 
> someone to make a nice general etoys package from that version:
>     http://etoys.laptop.org/src/etoys-image-and-pr.zip
> Or rather from the etoys-dev image which includes source files at
>     http://tinlizzie.org/olpc/
> We (VPRI hackers) can certainly assist with that, though our main focus 
> is the actual kid's machine right now.

I did mention they could easily download OLPC etoys using yum. I will 
reiterate this fact. BTW, is there anything specific to FC5? That is, 
can other distros dnl from the repo and execute OLPC etoys?

thanks for your help!


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