[Squeakland] question for KEDAMA traduction term

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Thu Apr 27 10:39:12 PDT 2006


> I am translating KEDAMA in French. I have a few questions regarding some 
> words I am not sure about their meaning. It would be helpful if some of 
> you could give some synonym regarding the following words and 
> expressions used in KEDAMA:
> - patch

  "Patch" means two things.  One meaning is a "small area", or a cell
in a patch work quilt.  Also, it means collectively all cells on a
patch variable.  The 100x100 square you see on screen is a patch or
patch variable, and in it there are 10,000 of patches or patch cells.

> - sniffRange
> - upHill

  These are not great concept for end-users so you have to come up
with nice translation, but anyway...

  What they do is as follows:

  "up hill" is a property that points to the direction of highest
gradient in the given patch.  "sniff range" determines how far it
looks look around to determine the highest.

  So, uphill means "highest gradient direction", "steepest value" or
such.  "sniffRange" means "range of sensor", etc.

  One suggestion is not to be dragged by the english words.  If you
can get the right word in the native language, that is always good.

  Also, Linda Kao (a native English speaker) wrote greate introduction
and tutorial:


  The explanation in it may be informative.

-- Yoshiki

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