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Tue Apr 25 15:59:34 PDT 2006

Dear Leonel -

Thank you *so much* for sharing this!  I think it 
will prove to be of value to many people.  It is 
great to see the sharing of ideas via this online 
community -- thank you.    You should also be 
congratulated on your hard work which is apparent 
through this framework.
best regards,

At 8:38 PM +0100 4/25/06, Leonel Morgado wrote:
>	Last year, I posted in this list asking for information on usage of
>Etoys with preschoolers or kindergartners (thanks Alan, Kim, Blake, Wade,
>and Carol Ann for your responses).
>	This was part of my research on the use of programming with
>preschoolers, which is now available on-line at:
>	Framework for Computer Programming in Preschool and Kindergarten
>	http://home.utad.pt/~leonelm/papers/tese/teseleonelmorgado.zip
>	(35 MB)
>	While there haven't been many reports of Etoys usage with this age
>group (and even less last year, when this thesis was submitted), I thought
>some of you might find at least part of my research conclusion interesting,
>for in several sections of the "Framework" chapter (chapter 7), I provide
>Etoys equivalents of the main ideas.
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>Subject: Squeak Etoys and preschoolers
>       I'm interested on computer programming experiences with children aged
>3, 4 and 5.
>       I was unable to find documented cases of Etoys use in this age group,
>but expect that there should be at least a few user stories.
>       If anyone has reports, photos, or even just recollections of such
>cases, I would love to hear about them!
>Leonel Morgado
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