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Mon Apr 24 15:09:24 PDT 2006

Hi Jim,

I can't speak for any Schools but my University here in the UK has a keen
interest in Squeak.
My understanding is that they plan to work with Schools possibly doing
workshops to promote interest in computing primarily programming ( but don't
quote me on that).

I have just completed my Honours project based on Squeak. E-toys for the
classroom. Which was to develop a set of interactive lessons to introduce
children (late primary/early secondary) to the basic ideas of object
oriented programming. I also know of two other students who are doing
something similar for different age groups and I think one of them may even
be using Alice.

I think Squeak is a great educational tool and before taking on this project
I had never heard of it. So perhaps raising awareness would help. Or for
someone like ourselves to take the initiative to introduce squeak to Schools
and Universities. I have an interest in teaching and would most definitely
use Squeak again given the opportunity.



On 24/04/06, Jim Ford <jaford at watford53.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> I'd be _very_ interested (and surprised) if _any_ schools in the U.K.
> are showing interest in Squeak! I'd be particularly interested in the
> comments of any U.K. teachers, or school technicians (like myself),
> regarding Squeak in primary or secondary education. As I've mentioned
> before - if it aint in the curriculum, it doesn't even get a passing
> consideration. In my experience, in a leading independent Secondary
> School, saving a Word document or Powerpoint presentation on a floppy is
> as technical as it gets! I wish someone on this list who's a U.K.
> teacher would pipe up and prove me wrong!
> Jim Ford
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