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Kim Rose kim.rose at squeakland.org
Mon Apr 24 14:58:22 PDT 2006


I was actually just in London (for 2 days a week ago) and met with a 
woman who is working on use of computers in schools (but most 
recently in Scotland).  She is hoping to introduce Squeak Etoys to 
the "Teachers TV" Commissioner in London (do you know about "Teachers 
TV"?) and hoping to get interest in airing the "Squeakers" DVD via 
"Teachers TV".  If this happens I am sure we could gather more 
interest in the UK.

Here is one of the projects she's been a part of:
http://www.ltscotland.org.uk/5to14/problemsolving/index.asp  and she 
felt Squeak could be a great amplifier for this problem solving 

Following is part of another email I received a few months back (and 
in the interest of privacy do not want to share the name w/out 

".....I'm head of physics and electronics at the Hundred of Hoo 
School in Rocester, Kent, England."

I am sure there are more UK teachers using Squeak Etoys --  the 
problem is many of our users are quiet and do not participate in 
these mailing lists and fora, so we have an incomplete picture of our 
user community.

Perhaps this recent exchange will motivate others from the U.K. to 
"pipe up" as you say.

We'd love to see you at SqueakFest in Chicago this summer!  Please join us!

At 8:33 PM +0100 4/24/06, Jim Ford wrote:
>I'd be _very_ interested (and surprised) if _any_ schools in the U.K.
>are showing interest in Squeak! I'd be particularly interested in the
>comments of any U.K. teachers, or school technicians (like myself),
>regarding Squeak in primary or secondary education. As I've mentioned
>before - if it aint in the curriculum, it doesn't even get a passing
>consideration. In my experience, in a leading independent Secondary
>School, saving a Word document or Powerpoint presentation on a floppy is
>as technical as it gets! I wish someone on this list who's a U.K.
>teacher would pipe up and prove me wrong!
>Jim Ford
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