[Squeakland] Looking for good souls

Jim Ford jaford at watford53.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Apr 24 12:33:00 PDT 2006

I'd be _very_ interested (and surprised) if _any_ schools in the U.K. 
are showing interest in Squeak! I'd be particularly interested in the 
comments of any U.K. teachers, or school technicians (like myself), 
regarding Squeak in primary or secondary education. As I've mentioned 
before - if it aint in the curriculum, it doesn't even get a passing 
consideration. In my experience, in a leading independent Secondary 
School, saving a Word document or Powerpoint presentation on a floppy is 
as technical as it gets! I wish someone on this list who's a U.K. 
teacher would pipe up and prove me wrong!

Jim Ford

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