[Squeakland] Looking for good souls

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sun Apr 23 04:24:39 PDT 2006


I just thought that lot of people in squeakland are not really  
programmers at the low level,
but more into using etoy. May be I'm wrong?


On 23 avr. 06, at 11:59, Markus Gaelli wrote:

> On Apr 23, 2006, at 11:16 AM, francois schnell wrote:
>>> On 23/04/06, Markus Gaelli <gaelli at emergent.de> wrote:
>>> I also think it is important not to end up with a plethora of lists,
>>> so my suggestion is to reuse squeakland for also posing and  
>>> answering
>>> basic smalltalk questions.
>>> - Kim, would it be ok to ask smalltalk questions on squeakland?
>>> I think one factor of the success of the french squeak list, is that
>>> it focuses on education, be it with etoys or smalltalk.
>> I actually think it would be a bad  idea  to mix using etoys  
>> questions with finding your way in the class browser (not the same  
>> thing, not the same targeted audience).
>> Concerning the french Squeak-list, which is a good list, if you  
>> look closely you won't see a lot people actually *learning*  
>> smalltalk : giving example of problem they have with their code,  
>> asking for help, etc.
>> For the moment the Squeak lists reflect its community state.
>> Apart from Squeakland  (for etoys), Squeak is  orientated   
>> research/hackers which is OK   but I believe it *needs" students/ 
>> teachers/people *learning* Squeak to produce useful tools-apps  
>> (not mainly research ones)
> Exactly. With you, Hillaire, Stef, Serge and others we have these  
> educational but still technical people in the french list - as  
> there are some willing and helpful old time squeakers like Scott,  
> Bert, Yoshiki and others in squeakland.
> So I actually don't understand why we should not strive to get all  
> this people together who are interested in Squeak as a learning  
> platform, be it for smalltalk, etoys and the rest of the universe -  
> as long as there is some interest to keep squeakland of course.
> I don't think we are enough to allow us to split into more and more  
> subgroups, think about the currently quite quiet lists of tweak and  
> croquet.
> Instead we better join forces in some "squeak and learning" list,  
> and isn't that what squeakland is all about?
> Please reply to squeakland also, there is not too much traffic on  
> it either...
> Or maybe neither you nor Stef are registered there, which I'd find  
> a bit strange ;-)
> Cheers,
> Markus

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