[Squeakland] I want to introduce squeakland to my Chinese friends

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Wed Apr 12 15:29:00 PDT 2006

  Hello, Xinyu,

> To Ohsima,
> I read your HP both in squeak pages and in T.I.Tech. You did not only port Squeak to many PDAs, but also help to develop
> the multilingualized Squeak. I happen to spend 2 years in T.I.Tech and know Janpanese language. So, I am very
> interesting in building a Chinese version Squeak. I believe I can
> learn a lot from you.

  Wow.  That is surprising (good) news.  Supporting Chinese is high
priority task for me, but I have higher ones^^;  Hope I can soon get
back to you on this!

-- Yoshiki

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