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Xinyu Liu liuxinyu95 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 07:51:09 PDT 2006

Dear Liang,

Glad to hear from you. Yes, as you said, there are some difficulty today in
The commercial defacto standards, the terrible job market, all drove the
dive in the same things, They even don't know whether they like it or not.

But it is a good thing to widen their sight, isn't it? Squeak is a fresh
spring rain.
It is not only a kind of programming language just extend from classic

In my understanding, there are 2 parts in squeak:
1. a system(or a platform) for the deeper squeaker, students, hackers,
   or scientists.
2. a "playground" or an "instruments", it is a tool for the kids in all ages
to play, to
   learn, to understand the world, to express their ideas.
The first part focus on functions(just like hardware) while the second one
focus on education and play(just like software).

I believe the latter one is the real power of sqeak, stronger than any
existing systems,
Neither Java nor dotNet has this ability.

However, in order to let more Chinese people know this truth, our computer
must take the responsibility of creating a Chinese localized Squeak! I think
we can
do it with the help from Squeak community. Do you agree with me?

Finally, I hope I can join the Squeak China mail list, would you like to
help me?

I also have a plan to translate some Squeak and smalltalk related books to

Best regards.


On 4/11/06, Liang Peng <pliangeng at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, Stef and All,
> I am Liang Peng, a lecturer in CS department, Wuhan University, major in
> Software Engineering.
> Actually, we maintain a chinese squeak mailing list for squeak and
> smalltalk
> related discussion since two years ago,
> Squeak-cn at lists.squeakfoundation.org
> but not too much discussion and activity so far, because of the small
> number
> of squeak user community in China although we can offer them free books
> and
> CDs.
> Java, C#, VS, Eclipse is still the hotest toys for students, as you may
> understand in China.
> But if you like, I can try my best to offer you the information and help i
> can make.
> best regards.
> --
> Liang Peng
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