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Louise Michaud louise_michaud at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 9 06:27:36 PDT 2006

I am a middle school computer teacher at SMIC Private School in Shanghai. I teach for the English track. My grade 7 students (ages 11-12) have been learning with Squeak for the past few months. If you are in Shanghai, I would be very interested in having a Squeak user group.
  Louise Michaud
  At 10:33 PM +0800 4/6/06, Xinyu Liu wrote:
>I am a programmer come from China. From a friend I got to know about 
>I think it is really a great thing. It can help kids in all ages 
>learn something while playing.
>However, when I search squeakland materials in Chinese by Google, I 
>found that there
>is little Chinese information about it, nor a Chinese community.
>So, I decide to translate some basic background of squeakland to 
>Chinese language.
>I just tried a couple of pages in <http://www.squeakland.org> 
>www.squeakland.org. But I used some images, pictures,
>and links from <http://www.squeakland.org>www.squeakland.org. Is it 
>OK? Can you give me a permission that I can
>use them? I just want to continue this work, to try my personnal 
>best to introduce squeak
>to China, to let more and more chinese people know about it.

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