[Squeakland] I want to introduce squeakland to my Chinese friends

Jim Ford jaford at watford53.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Apr 9 02:25:38 PDT 2006

Kim Rose wrote:

> The DVD is not sold in stores in any country -- only online.  We would 
> be happy to send you one at no cost if you provide a mailing address, 
> but perhaps it is easier to obtain via Japan for you.

Would it be practical to make the DVD available as a bittorrent? I 
wouldn't mind seeding it indefinately for downloaders.

Whilst I'm very interested in Squeak, the school where I work (as a 
Science Technician)  is basically indifferent to anything not Microsoft. 
I'm particularly excited in the idea of it being introduced to China. 
Now, where are our Indian friends?

Jim Ford

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