[Squeakland] I want to introduce squeakland to my Chinese friends

Kim Rose kim.rose at squeakland.org
Sat Apr 8 12:31:43 PDT 2006

Dear Liu,

Regarding the "Squeakers" DVD -- you can find it distributed through 
Japan here:
The DVD is not sold in stores in any country -- only online.  We 
would be happy to send you one at no cost if you provide a mailing 
address, but perhaps it is easier to obtain via Japan for you.

I believe your knowledge of Japanese will be very useful as our 
colleagues in Japan have done so much to improve Squeak, create 
projects for children, conduct workshops, etc.

By the way, several of us from Viewpoints travel to Japan two or 
three times a year...perhaps at some point we can meet you there. 
Our next trip is planned for June.


At 9:47 PM +0800 4/8/06, Xinyu Liu wrote:
>Dear Rose, Ohshima, Luna,
>Thank you! thanks for the greate community supporting. I'll try my 
>best to continue this work.
>I believe with squeak spreading in China, there will be more and 
>more Chinese people join us. A  team can  do much more than an 
>individual, so we hava a greate tomorrow!
>To Rose,
>Thank you and Viewpoint Research! I'll try to make the Chinese 
>translating pages consist with the original sources, both contents 
>and style.
>I watched some clips of "Squeaders" documentary film from 
><http://www.squeakland.org>www.squeakland.org. It's very wonderful. 
>However, I doesn't find the DVD sold in China store. I'll ask my 
>friends to help me seeking it in Japan, our neighbourhood country.
>To Ohsima,
>I read your HP both in squeak pages and in T.I.Tech. You did not 
>only port Squeak to many PDAs, but also help to develop the 
>multilingualized Squeak. I happen to spend 2 years in T.I.Tech and 
>know Janpanese language. So, I am very interesting in building a 
>Chinese version Squeak. I believe I can learn a lot from you.
>Best regards.
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