[Squeakland] I want to introduce squeakland to my Chinese friends

Xinyu Liu liuxinyu95 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 8 06:47:55 PDT 2006

Dear Rose, Ohshima, Luna,

Thank you! thanks for the greate community supporting. I'll try my best to
continue this work.
I believe with squeak spreading in China, there will be more and more
Chinese people join us. A  team can  do much more than an individual, so we
hava a greate tomorrow!

To Rose,
Thank you and Viewpoint Research! I'll try to make the Chinese translating
pages consist with the original sources, both contents and style.

I watched some clips of "Squeaders" documentary film from www.squeakland.org.
It's very wonderful. However, I doesn't find the DVD sold in China store.
I'll ask my friends to help me seeking it in Japan, our neighbourhood

To Ohsima,
I read your HP both in squeak pages and in T.I.Tech. You did not only port
Squeak to many PDAs, but also help to develop the multilingualized Squeak. I
happen to spend 2 years in T.I.Tech and know Janpanese language. So, I am
very interesting in building a Chinese version Squeak. I believe I can learn
a lot from you.

Best regards.

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