[Squeakland] I want to introduce squeakland to my Chinese friends

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Thu Apr 6 22:30:09 PDT 2006

Hi all,

Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:

>  Hello, Xinyu,

>>So, I decide to translate some basic background of squeakland to Chinese language.
>>I just tried a couple of pages in www.squeakland.org. But I used some images, pictures,
>>and links from www.squeakland.org. Is it OK? Can you give me a permission that I can
>>use them? I just want to continue this work, to try my personnal best to introduce squeak
>>to China, to let more and more chinese people know about it.
>  That sounds great!
>  There is a fairly well translated site in Japanese with original
>content plus Japanese oriented news:
>I'm not at the position of giving the permission, but there is a
>preceding example, so it should be ok.
>  Squeak is "multilingualized" and there are successfully deployed
>versions for Japanese and Korean.  (I happen to be the person who did
>it.)  Supporting Chinese is straightforward but I haven't get around
>doing it.  (Even there have been a few requests in the past from
>Chinese speaking people already.  Sorry for my laziness.)
We're also working with Squeak with my students here in Colombia. I dont 
know much about college/university students using Squeak in Latin 
America (only with childs in Extremadura, Spain), in fact we have just 
started. All the contents we're making are a product of the learners 
network and are under a Free Content License (CC-By-SA). I think that 
we're now not only needing Free Software, but also Free Contents, 
because knowledge is changed when is used, so its natural path.

The difference between our wiki and the smallland wiki is that contents 
are product of the Work with the students, instead of a more informal 
users/devs networks, but would be nice to stablish links between two 
collectives. As I said, we're just starting, but any help is welcome:




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