[Squeakland] Squeak for 5 and 7 year olds

Harish Pillay h.pillay at ieee.org
Sun Oct 30 15:57:08 PST 2005

Thanks, Kim, for the reply.

Yes, I have installed squeak on both
machines and my sons have been
experimenting with it.  The like it a lot
and I am trying to go to the next level.

I borrowed[1] Gene's book: "Squeak: A quick
trip to objectland" and am looking through
that to see what I can do.

Looks like a few weeks of fun ahead.


[1] http://vistaweb.nlb.gov.sg/cgi-bin/cw_cgi?getBasicTerms+11271
type in squeak in the search box and that book
is the 7th or so in the list. Stephane's book is on
the list as well but not available for loan. The
book "Powerful Ideas in the Classroom" is still
not in the catalog. I will request for it (and they
do take requests :-)).

> Dear Harish,
> Welcome!  Thanks for your kind words, compliments and interest.
> As a preface, I'd like to say, I trust you have installed the
> "Squeakland" version of Squeak found from the www.squeakland.org
> website (as opposed to the download found at "Squeak.org") as most
> "etoy documentation" as been written with this version as its premise.
> Then, I refer you to the "Kids Play" section of the squeakland.org
> website and the tutorials that can be found in that section.  There
> are many examples in the "Etoys" section that should give you ideas
> about possibilities.  Also be sure to look at the "links" in the
> communities section to see what others have done.
> I am curious to know what book you found at your local library...???
> The "Powerful Ideas in the Classroom" book was written with younger
> children in mind.  The book is available from the Squeakland website
> as well as amazon.com.
> Your 5 year old will likely require a bit more help from you -- using
> Squeak as "lapware" with you will probably be most worthwhile.  You
> might find some of the buttons, menus, etc. a bit small for a younger
> child's hands and coordination, as the "Etoy interface" was designed
> with a bit older child in mind.
> We look forward to your continued participation on the Squeakland
> mailing list and your sharing your activities and creations with us.
> have fun!
> regards,
> Kim
> At 12:31 AM +0800 10/31/05, Harish Pillay wrote:
> >Hi.  I am taking the forthcoming school holidays here in
> >Singapore to get my two sons (Ajay 7 and Amrish 5) to
> >get to use Squeak.  They have it installed in two machines -
> >one Red Hat Desktop 4 and the other Fedora Core 3.
> >
> >All is well and I have just gotten the Squeak book from
> >the local library.
> >
> >I am sure this has been asked before (I have not searched
> >the archives of this list), but what would be a good set of
> >2 or 3 things that I can get them to do?  There is a tutorial
> >about the car and have explored most of what looks obvious
> >to me.  My sons have also explored quite a but of squeak
> >(they like the piano keyboard and blob objects).
> >
> >Appreciate any pointers.
> >
> >Thanks.
> >
> >Harish
> >PS: My sincere thanks to all those who have helped create
> >Squeak.  I would like to contribute and am hoping to get
> >this work with my sons as a time to gather materials and
> >suggestions so that I can do a writeup.

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