[Squeakland] Folder of friends?

Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Thu Oct 27 06:09:49 PDT 2005

Squeak has a Timbuktu-like screen sharing facility with a chat and VOIP 
interface, and "badges" that can hold the pictures and addresses of others 
who are using Squeak on the net. It works and has been demoed many times, 
but we've never been satisfied with it for a number of reasons, and are 
currently in the process of replacing this using the mechanisms of Croquet 
( http://opencroquet.org  which is much better supported, deals with 
transmitting events rather than screen bits, can be used on very low 
bandwidth connections, etc.)

My advice would be to treat this as a currently unsupported feature and not 
try to use it.



P.S. A more supported use of networks in Etoys is Netmorphs, which 
logically connect up remote PCs using Squeak so each screen is a tile in a 
much larger virtual screen. So, e.g., a child can make a car and drive it 
off the screen and it will appear on someone else's computer screen. Here 
is a recent message from the author, Umezawa-san:

From: Masashi Umezawa <umejava at mars.dti.ne.jp>

Hello all,

NetMorph 0.3 for Squeakland 05 is finally available.

Pre-installed image:

How to use:

This is the first official version for Squeakland 05 image.

If you found some bugs, please send a report to me!

[:masashi | ^umezawa]

At 02:00 AM 10/27/2005, Mark Engelberg wrote:
>The squeakland website claims that while running squeak, you have
>access to a folder of friends, with whom you can type, voice chat, and
>share projects.  Does this feature really exist?  If so, how?
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