[Squeakland] Question about mouse on Windows

Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Mon Oct 10 04:37:22 PDT 2005

Another option is to have "mouse over" bring up the halo. Many elementary 
schools use this.



At 09:31 AM 10/9/2005, Mark Engelberg wrote:
>I'm about to teach my kids the "car curriculum".  We're running on
>Windows.  I notice that I have two options for making the "halo"
>appear for an object.
>Option 1:  Teach my kids to use Alt-click to make the halo appear.
>Option 2:  Select the "3-button mouse" option at the top of the
>plug-in the first time we load it up, and then just teach them to
>right click to make halos appear.
>Is one option preferable to the other?  I'm inclined to configure the
>system so that they can make halos appear by right-clicking, but I
>understand that essentially this option is swapping the functionality
>of the right button with the "center button" which we don't have.  So
>I worry that whatever functionality is mapped to the right button by
>default, will now require alt-clicking to do.  So what is mapped to
>the right button by default?  Is it commonly, or rarely used in the
>eToys environment?  Will I regret it if I swap the right button with
>the center button so the kids can more easily summon up halos?
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