[Squeakland] Squeakland Digest, Vol 30, Issue 7

José L. Redrejo Rodríguez jredrejo at merida.uned.es
Mon Oct 10 01:21:03 PDT 2005

El lun, 10-10-2005 a las 01:45 -0500, Wendell III escribió:
> This looks great, Jose! But, to clarify: when you say that you are 
> developing on Linux, you mean that you are developing it in SQUEAK on a 
> Linux machine, right? It certainly looks like Squeak, but just to be 
> sure... :-)
> Definitely interested in getting that code.
> Cheers,
> -Wendell

Right, it is a linux machine, with gnome. But the development is made
inside Squeak. As I said in my mail, I have tested the same squeak image
on windows and it works perfectly.

On the other hand: that's an image browser, not a file browser. First
time you access to a directory it can take time before making the
thumbnails, then it caches it to avoid the delay next time you access to
the directory. The purpose of this code is make an easy browsing between
folders with a lot of images. If you want it to be much faster, the
thumbnails shouldn't be created when you access to a directory and it
just should show a list of filenames. 

Send me an email off the list and I will send you the code. I wouldn't
like to make it public before it is totally finished and splitted in

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