[Squeakland] Squeakland Digest, Vol 30, Issue 7

Wendell III wendell at meetro.com
Sun Oct 9 23:45:10 PDT 2005

This looks great, Jose! But, to clarify: when you say that you are 
developing on Linux, you mean that you are developing it in SQUEAK on a 
Linux machine, right? It certainly looks like Squeak, but just to be 
sure... :-)

Definitely interested in getting that code.


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On Oct 9, 2005, at 8:48 PM, squeakland-request at squeakland.org wrote:

> In fact, I have developed an image browser, that can read gif, png, svg
> and svgz (using the SVGreader made by Gary Chambers) for a project I am
> making in Extremadura. It works in a 3.8 image without problem.
> Attached is an screenshot. I am developing it on Linux, but I have
> tested it a little bit in a windows machine and works ok. I don't have 
> a
> mac available, but it should work there too.
> The image browser is between some other code I have developed for this
> project and, by now, I don't have time enought to split it from the 
> rest
> of the project, but if anybody wants to test it I can send the whole
> monticello package.
> Regards.

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