[Squeakland] Question about mouse on Windows

Mark Engelberg mark.engelberg at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 09:31:42 PDT 2005

I'm about to teach my kids the "car curriculum".  We're running on
Windows.  I notice that I have two options for making the "halo"
appear for an object.

Option 1:  Teach my kids to use Alt-click to make the halo appear.
Option 2:  Select the "3-button mouse" option at the top of the
plug-in the first time we load it up, and then just teach them to
right click to make halos appear.

Is one option preferable to the other?  I'm inclined to configure the
system so that they can make halos appear by right-clicking, but I
understand that essentially this option is swapping the functionality
of the right button with the "center button" which we don't have.  So
I worry that whatever functionality is mapped to the right button by
default, will now require alt-clicking to do.  So what is mapped to
the right button by default?  Is it commonly, or rarely used in the
eToys environment?  Will I regret it if I swap the right button with
the center button so the kids can more easily summon up halos?



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