[Squeakland] Smalltalk Videos?

Wendell III wendell at meetro.com
Wed Oct 5 19:35:48 PDT 2005

I think it would be great. Something that could take you from A-Z in a 
similar manner to the "Lynda.com" or "VTC" series. Unless its 
inherently ultra-intuitive, that's just about the only way I can learn 
a new piece of software quickly.


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On Oct 4, 2005, at 4:48 PM, Kim Rose wrote:

> There has certainly been thought to do this. Some of the folks from 
> Champaign, IL were thinking about it; I am not sure where that stands. 
>  But to date, nothing I am aware of.
> We'd love to host off /point to from the Squeakland website if anyone 
> knows of any "Etoy specific" tutorials.
> cheers,
>   -- Kim

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