[Squeakland] The Weekly Squeak No.5: September 19th - September 25th

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at corriga.net
Sun Oct 2 09:11:27 PDT 2005

Dear squeakers,

Hello, and welcome back to the The Weekly Squeak, a weekly report on
what's going on in the world of Squeak.

Sorry for being late... to make amend, we are proud to introduce you to
SqueakViews, a series of interviews with the Squeak Developers. In this
first installment, Giovanni Giorgi has a quick chat with Stéphane

In this issue you'll find:

     1. Loading vs. Merging in Monticello
     2. How VMMaker works
     3. HashTables
     4. BabyUML overview posted
     5. Ottawa Smalltalk Users Group meeting
     6. Smalltalk Job Offer in France
     7. 64-bit OSProcessPlugin, XDisplayControlPlugin, AioPlugin on SM
     8. A Sourdough Image
     9. A directory with Companies using Smalltalk
    10. New Magma release
    11. NetJam, Quoth and Spoon
    12. Ken Causey joins the Coordinators
    13. How to do things in an MC update stream world
    14. Squeak Planets
    15. SqueakLight status
    16. ACM's Classic Books in Computer Science
    17. Charsets support in SmallWiki 1
    18. Upcoming Squeak Chats
    19. SqueakViews: an interview with Stéphane Ducasse

You'll find the complete report at
http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/5740 .

The past issues archive can be found at
http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/5751 .

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