[Squeakland] scripted drawing as an object?

Markus Gaelli gaelli at emergent.de
Thu May 26 02:54:12 PDT 2005

Hi Randy,

something along the lines of:

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Try the following:

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And use a curve or polygon and not a star, if you want to play with  
the handles later on...

Michael, any chance for inclusion of this one into the main image? I  
basically posted the same change-set two years ago.

- I renamed vertices into points now, as I guess most will understand  
that better...
- The vertice added comes from referencePosition and not from  
position any more.

Shall I resend this to squeak-dev as an [ENH]?



> Hi Squeakers,
> In Etoys, can I make some drawing that was the result of a script  
> become an
> object?  For example, consider the simple circle-drawing script  
> (fwd by,
> turn by, pen down).  Can I somehow treat that resulting circle as  
> an object
> and thereby make copies of it, etc?  I realize that I could use  
> either the
> 'Grab Patch' or 'Lasso' in the Supplies to manually "select" the  
> circle,
> however that approach of course gives me more pixels than I really  
> want.
> Thanks, Randy
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