[Squeakland] PPT presentation

Bert Freudenberg bert at squeakland.de
Fri Jan 28 09:54:12 PST 2005

Am 27.01.2005 um 11:17 schrieb Randy Heiland:

> Hi Squeakers,
> I want to do a Powerpoint-like presentation in Squeak.  That is to 
> say, I
> want to do a multi-"page" presentation, where I have a few simple 
> concepts
> (with large-font text + graphics) on each page.  What is the best way 
> to do
> this in Squeak?  I thought it would be nice to use the Navigator's 
> Prev/Next
> buttons to let me step through my presentation ("pages").  However, 
> this
> would of course mean that each page is a project, which seems strange -
> unless there's some concept of a "parent" project that could serve as 
> a way
> of letting me step thru children.

There is a presentation facility a bit hidden in Squeak which allows 
precisely that, which is stepping through a series of projects for 
presentations. This is the ThreadNavigator, and you can find one in the 
"Navigation" category of the Object Catalog (get one from the Supplies 

For more information see http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/2219

> I know there is a 'Book' in the Supplies tab.  However, unless I'm 
> missing
> something, a Book doesn't let me draw graphics into its pages.

You just make a new drawing (brush icon) and drop it into the page. Or, 
bring up the halo on the embedded page (not the whole book) and click 
the gray halo handle showing a pen - but the former method is far more 
flexible if you ever need to put the graphic somewhere else, or want to 
remove ...

However, using projects as slides is the recommended way of doing 
presentations. You even can have different presentations using the same 
slides by creating multiple navigation threads.

- Bert -

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