[Squeakland] PPT presentation

Randy Heiland heiland at indiana.edu
Thu Jan 27 05:17:27 PST 2005

Hi Squeakers,  

I want to do a Powerpoint-like presentation in Squeak.  That is to say, I
want to do a multi-"page" presentation, where I have a few simple concepts
(with large-font text + graphics) on each page.  What is the best way to do
this in Squeak?  I thought it would be nice to use the Navigator's Prev/Next
buttons to let me step through my presentation ("pages").  However, this
would of course mean that each page is a project, which seems strange -
unless there's some concept of a "parent" project that could serve as a way
of letting me step thru children.  

I know there is a 'Book' in the Supplies tab.  However, unless I'm missing
something, a Book doesn't let me draw graphics into its pages.

Anyway, I welcome your suggestions.


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