[Squeakland] make sibling from script

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Fri Aug 5 14:05:17 PDT 2005

Hi, Randy,

Yes, it's called "copy", and it can be found in the "miscellaneous" category.

When you execute "Car's copy", you'll end up with a sibling of Car.

However, if you don't *place* it somewhere, you won't see it.  The 
standard idiom for placing an object somewhere via script is to tell 
the *container* in which you place it to "include" it.

Look in the "collections" category of the container's viewer for 
various ways to "include" an object

Here's a typical usage pattern:


   -- Scott

At 10:18 AM -0500 8/5/05, Randy Heiland wrote:
>Is there a tile to create a sibling of an obj?  Given that a search on
>'sibling' only turned up 1 tile, I'm guessing not.  But it'd sure be nice!
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