[Squeakland] animation, holder

Randy Heiland heiland at indiana.edu
Thu Sep 9 06:07:32 PDT 2004

Hi Squeakers!  I just went to Squeakland, downloaded updates, and was
experimenting with creating a simple animation - per the "Powerful
Ideas..." book and Squeakfest tutorial.  It seems there is no longer a
"Holder's playerAtCursor" tile in a Holder's viewer.  Is that true?
What do I do?

I was pleased to see that dropping frames into the Holder is no longer
plagued with the annoying problem of having to put the cursor in "just
the right position".  In fact, it seems that the behavior of a Holder is
more dynamic than what I remember from Squeakfest, in that it resizes
according to how many frames you drop in and allows for easy rearranging
of frames - or maybe those features were already there and I didn't
realize it.  Although I didn't really push it, I'm wondering, if I drop
in so many frames that the Holder exceeds the size of my world/screen,
will the Holder automatically reveal scrollbars?  (It would be nice :)

Thanks, Randy

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