[Squeakland] LEGO MindStorm control

Sebastian Hergott sebastian.hergott at tel.tdsb.on.ca
Wed Jun 30 00:56:23 PDT 2004

Ned Konz <ned at squeakland.org> writes:
>I suppose the best bet would be for someone to write something that is 
>compatible with the newest LEGO SDK (and so would work with all of these 
>devices): http://mindstorms.lego.com/sdk2/LEGOMindStormsSDK.zip
>Anyone out there in Squeak land interested?

I'm very much interested and see it as an opportunity for Squeak to extend
the onscreen to the hands on. Wasn't the "wired serial turtle' what Papert
originally used to display what was written in Logo? I've alsways wanted
to connect Squeak with a turtle like this. I wonder if Lego Mindstorms
could be the reverse extension  of the onscreen Squeakland to a concrete
experience for kids. 
I'm no developer, but I'd certainly be an appreciative beta tester. 

Sebastian Hergott
Teacher/Intermediate Program Coordinator - CyberARTS 

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