[Squeakland] Happy Summer - Please send us your feedack!

Shashank Date sdate at everestkc.net
Thu Jun 24 19:26:19 PDT 2004

Hi Kim,

I am not a School teacher, just a  parent who is actively involved in
Squeak. I will be conducting a Squeak workshop in Fall at my son's school
(Harmony Middle: http://www.bv229.k12.ks.us/HMS/), in conjunction with
the Guided Discovery Program coordinator Mrs. Carolyn Demory.

I am very interested in SqueakFest and would like to participate with my
12 year old son, if it is not too late ...I am under the impression that
this only
for teachers and so I did not register earlier.

But now since I will interacting with a bunch of smart kids at Harmony, I
thought I should take a chance.

Please advice.
-- Shashank

> We look forward to seeing some of you at SqueakFest in Chicago.  If
> you haven't yet, and still want to come,  there's a few days left to
> "register". (See Squeakland.org and "Squeak News" for details.)
> best regards,
> Kim
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