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Darius Clarke darius at inglang.com
Thu Jun 24 14:49:29 PDT 2004

I'll mention my experience in another message and post a link to my uploaded
projects at that time.

Here's a reference to experiences of games in the classroom in general that
might be helpful. This is from a teacher in the UK. I've summarized his points.
Found at:

"I've run three surveys over the last two years of teachers and their attitudes
and (in some cases) experiences in using PC and (in a very small number of
cases) console-based games in the classroom. Most comments have come from UK

"Out of these have come 10 problems or obstacles that reoccur. I call it the
decology of problems (or a charter for people who like saying "can't")."

1) The violence issue pervades, making many teachers afraid of using commercial
games for fear of the publicity consequences.
2) Time involved in setting up the game.
3) Time involved in getting to the point in the game where "useful learning"
4) Games consoles, unlike PCs, have very few other uses (and thus are difficult
to justify from a budgetary point of view).
5) Lack of publisher licensing means that a classroom of games can work out
expensive if the school has to buy one unit per PC or student.
6) Often, older PC hardware cannot handle many modern games.
7) Keeping the student "on track" during the game.
8) Familiarity of the teacher with the game, and amount of effort required to
become familiar.
9) Appropriateness. For example, the accuracy of a medieval simulation game
could be lost when one needs to use magic in order to repel an invading force.
10) Imbalance of previous experience of the game across the class. In a
competitive situation, an imbalance will cause the weaker players to become
resentful and put-off the game. In a collaborative situation, an imbalance can
cause the experienced player to dominate the input and "lead" the others,
reducing their role to passive observers.


Also more info at http://www.seriousgames.org/

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