[Squeakland] Happy Summer - Please send us your feedack!

Kim Rose kim.rose at squeakland.org
Wed Jun 23 12:27:48 PDT 2004

Dear Squeaklanders,

Happy Summer!  For those of you affiiliated with schools or 
universities I imagine your summer has just begun.  I hope you all 
had a wonderful academic year.

Before you go off on well-deserved holidays, or get "out of school 
mode",  we at Viewpoints Research ask a favor:   If you've been using 
Squeak/Etoys this year with your children (at home, school, after 
school clubhouses, etc., etc.)  we'd love to receive your feedback! 
Please send us  (and the whole list if you'd like) your thoughts, 
remarks, suggestions, frustrations, etc.    It will be very helpful 
to us in many ways.

Also, if you and/or your students have created projects you would be 
willing to share, if you could put those on a personal homepage or 
school website we could point/link from the Squeakland.org site it 
would be fantastic.   We're hoping to build more links to help others 
see the kinds of Etoy projects created using Squeak.

We're working on an improved version of Squeak this summer which 
we'll make available in August -- in time for your testing/playing 
before the start of the next academic year.  Stay tuned for more news 
on that front.

In the meantime, we'd love your feedback on the experiences you had 
this school year and we wish you all a marvelous summer!

We look forward to seeing some of you at SqueakFest in Chicago.  If 
you haven't yet, and still want to come,  there's a few days left to 
"register". (See Squeakland.org and "Squeak News" for details.)

best regards,

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