[Squeakland] drive-a-car newbie questions

Ken Kahn kenkahn at toontalk.com
Sun Feb 29 17:56:18 PST 2004

Andreas Raab wrote:

> It is possible to treat it is a measure of speed by
> setting a script to ticking, effectively specifying that "each tick we
> by delta" and naturally, given the values for "tick" and "delta" we
> compute the speed by dividing tick into delta and we can influence the
> by changing either tick or delta (for changing the "tick" you can
> click-and-hold on the little clock in the script; it will show you a
> menu where you can choose how fast this script should be ticking).

I have a few questions about this.

1. So if a tick is a specified number of milliseconds then what happens
when too much is happening during a cycle for the computer to be able to
handle in "tick" milliseconds?

2. Or instead if the tick is in Squeak time units what relationship does
it have to the passage of time my watch shows?

Underlying my questions is the desire to be able to set a speed so that
a car takes, for example, exactly 5 seconds to travel 100 units
(pixels?) at a constant speed.


-ken kahn

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