[Squeakland] Demo'd Squeak for preschoolers

Jen A jennorm33 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 26 08:31:14 PST 2004

Someone suggested that I share this experience:  I
recently had a 5 minute "what I do for a living"
presentation at my daughter's preschool.  I'm a
programmer and heard about Squeak through another
mailing list where I had asked for suggestions on what
I should do to explain my job.  
  I loved the program and showed it to my daughter as
soon as I could.  She's only 4 but she liked the
animations that the kids had done on the site.
  I did about a two minute demo of a simple hand-drawn
bunny and mouse that bounced, moved in a line, moved
in a circle around the screen and they loved it.  I
was a little worried with how impressed they would be
considering the level of animation in today's video
games but they didn't seem to care.
  When I have time, I'd love to learn more about how
to program some more complex things.  It's even fun
for adults!


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