[Squeakland] collaborative uses

Kim Rose kim.rose at squeakland.org
Wed Feb 25 07:24:32 PST 2004

Hi, Randy -

When I think of "collaborative possibilities with Squeak" I think 
first of people getting together and working together in groups 
toward a common set of goals.  Ironically, I don't think immediately 
of how the Squeak enviornment might help us collaborate, but rather 
how we can work together socially (either via email, phone, face to 
face meetings) to create more curriculum, project examples for new 
users, new "first time" and introductory experiences, etc.

In "Squeakland" we have a developing community of players and 
practitioners who are very interested in coming together and creating 
some of this work.  SqueakFest (in Chicago/August) will give us an 
opportunity to meet face to face, exhange ideas, develop deeper 
relationships and enable opportunities to work together to produce 
some meaningful Squeak-based content and proejcts.

The workshop at Teachers Colleage (April 1 and 2) also just 
announced, is another opportunity for collaboration.  The folks at 
T.C. are most interested in establishing a shared database/repository 
of Etoy projects accessible to teachers and students to which we 
might all contribute examples.

Other possibilities are to enter into grant opportunities together to 
receive funding to enable further development of not only the Squeak 
system,  but again, content and projects suitable for different 
learners of different ages, in different subject matter areas.  I 
think this is what we deeply need at this time.

Hope to meet you in either New York, or Chicago or both!

>I was just curious if there are any existing collaborative possibilities
>with Squeak?  This is a very open-ended question, I realize, but I'm
>interested in any/all aspects of it.  Well, I'm not into multiuser
>gaming.  I am curious about the possibility of squeakers being able to,
>say, obtain/display data from online instruments.  Or being able to
>build up a regional/national database of (local) measurements - similar
>to the "plot of temperatures" figure in Alan Kay's "Computers, Networks
>and Education" paper?
>More on the tech side, are protocols such as XML-RPC supported in
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