[Squeakland] Re: Truetype fonts in the Squeakland

Yoshiki Ohshima Yoshiki.Ohshima at acm.org
Thu Feb 19 23:22:15 PST 2004


> Is it possible to add truetype fonts to the Squeakland.org (OSX latest) 
> version of Squeak?

  I don't know where the TrueType font are physically located on OS X,
but I've got an impression that they are store in some kind of
'cabinet' file and Squeak cannot access to those indivisual file,
right?  Squeak's TrueType reader only handles individual .ttf files,
so it may not easy to do it.

  If you're using Windows, or have a copy of a .ttf file (I'm not
suggesting to copy license-protected one^^;) read the following

  * First, unzip the attachment and drag the resulting
    'TrueTypeTextStyle6-land.cs' onto the Squeak Window.  (If Squeak is
    running in full-screen mode, press 'Browser Reentry' button first.)  A
    window in Squeak will show up.

  * Then, do a right-button click in the window, or if you're using
    one-button mouse, click on the little button above the scroll-up
    button in the scroll bar of the window.  A menu will shop up.

  * Choose the fourth item 'file into new change set' from the menu.
    Then, close the window.

  * Press Alt-shift-w or Command-shift-w.  A 'World' menu will
    show up.  Choose 'open...' item at the seventh spot. Another menu
    will show up.

  * Choose the 'file list' item at fourth spot.  A window will show

  * Navigate to the '.ttf' file you're interested in by the top-left
    tree pane and select the file in the top-right pane.

  * Right-click on the top-right pane or press the little menu button
    of the top-right pane.  A menu will show up.

  * Choose 'file into new change set'.  Then,

you're done!  Bring up the halos of any text and you should be able to
choose the font from light-green style halo.  (You might want to save
the image here.)

  But, again, this is a horrible hack, and you'll lose the ability to
share the project you make with the font.  Hopefully, in the next
version of Squeakland image, things should be a bit easier.

  Hope this helps,

-- Yoshiki

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