[Squeakland] Installing Squeak on Stand alone macs

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Sun Feb 15 10:33:47 PST 2004

Good morning. I thought about this for a minute and checked the  
If you are running OS 8.0, versus 8.1 you will find that HFS+ volume  
support is only in 8.1 or higher.
Thus the 8.0 operating system won't understand the HFS+ CD Rom you have  
created, it might also be another format ISO9660
which supports both windows and mac, but might not be supported either.

I don'thave a CD burning machine handy right not so I can't check to  
see if you can pick the HFS format, or plain ISO-9660.

Also I couldn't find info on a 6250? Do you mean a 6200? If so those  
machines do come with an ethernet port.
You could with a ethernet cable hook the ibook and the 6250 together,  
turn file sharing on the 6250 and mount it's volume.
Please note I believe the ibook will allow you to go computer to  
computer because it doesn't need a cross-over cable,
according to Apple this applies to "iBook (Dual USB) and later"

If this is not the case then you need either a cross over ethernet  
cable, or a ethernet hub and two ethernet cables.

You could of course look at cable, a hub and connect all the computers  
to the hub, then use your iBook as the file server
to enable sharing of SqueakLand projects. MMm actually you should tests  
that, I"m not sure if pure AppleTalk appleshare serving
versus TCP/IP appleshare serving is support by your ibook.  Testing  
would be to see if you can share your ibook volume and
see if the 6250 can see it.

On Feb 12, 2004, at 10:28 PM, Bunker, Stephen R. wrote:

> I realize that this isn't as much a Squeak question as it is an OS  
> question but it is squeak related.
> I have been tinkering with squeak on my iBook. I've arrived at the  
> point where I want to install it on some older macs (OS 8) so my  
> students can begin using squeak. The macs are 6250 series PowerMacs  
> that are running system 8 but they are not connected to the internet.  
> They have CD rom drives and floppy drives. I've tried burnig the  
> squeak stuff onto a CD but when I place the CD in the older macs they  
> don't even read the CD. I have checked to make sure the info is on the  
> CD by checking it on my iBook and in some Windows machines. The Squeak  
> stuff is there.
> Would anyone know what I need to do so I can burn a CD on a OS X  
> machine so a PowerMac running OS 8 can read it?
> If you can think of another work around I'm interested as well. I'm  
> ready to get my students involved in Squeak but need to overcome this  
> hurdle.
> sb
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