[Squeakland] Installing Squeak on Stand alone macs

Bunker, Stephen R. bunkersr at lcps.k12.va.us
Thu Feb 12 22:28:19 PST 2004

I realize that this isn't as much a Squeak question as it is an OS question but it is squeak related.

I have been tinkering with squeak on my iBook. I've arrived at the point where I want to install it on some older macs (OS 8) so my students can begin using squeak. The macs are 6250 series PowerMacs that are running system 8 but they are not connected to the internet. They have CD rom drives and floppy drives. I've tried burnig the squeak stuff onto a CD but when I place the CD in the older macs they don't even read the CD. I have checked to make sure the info is on the CD by checking it on my iBook and in some Windows machines. The Squeak stuff is there.

Would anyone know what I need to do so I can burn a CD on a OS X machine so a PowerMac running OS 8 can read it?

If you can think of another work around I'm interested as well. I'm ready to get my students involved in Squeak but need to overcome this hurdle.


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