[Squeakland] Reply to those helping me learn to save my projects.

RATZEL, MARSHA MRATZEL at bv229.k12.ks.us
Mon Feb 2 22:31:24 PST 2004

Thanks so much for everyone's help.  My district uses Windows XP.  Our students are setup on their own server called the N server.  Each student has their own folder and inside that folder they have a Tech Ed folder where they store all their work for my class.
I think we have the newest version.  When it has prompted us to update, we always reply with a yes.  Is there someway I can check just to make sure.  I'll do it if I know how.
And no I don't think I knew about holding the mouse down.  Tomorrow when I get to school I will try that first thing.  Maybe this will be the thing that I discovered last semester by accident and got it to work but just don't remember right now.  I knew I should have written it down, but I thought I wouldn't forget. Ha!  Too much to remember.
Kim, your directions would be great if I had a Mac.  And I will go on a hunt for one tomorrow.  But they are scarce in my district.  I think I can find a conversion program, though and try and use that to read the file you sent.  I appreciate the help.
Thank you to all that have offered their assistance.  This is quite an adventure.  So many of my colleagues kind of laugh at me because they think I go to too much trouble.  But I think it's worth it because my kids see that I'm learning right alongside them.  Especially when I show them that I have to ask questions of others just like they ask me questions.  Isn't that the whole point?  Anyway, thanks for everything and I'll be hoping that I can get things to save tomorrow.

	Please send some more information about your setup offline (Are you
	using Windows, Mac OS 9 /X, how do your network folders appear to the
	kids (drive or volume name).
	Please make sure to have the newest version of the plugin (just go to
	squeakland and point to "get updates").
	After wondering why your are having such a hard time it occurred to me,
	that you simply forgot about the "click and hold" oin the navigation
	bar? When you clikc on the publish or find button, but hold the mouse
	button down then a menu will appear after a short moment. This menu has
	entries for e.g. publish as, find (more places) etc.
	Even if this solves your problem, please still send the extra
	information so I can help you with finding a better setup.
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