[Squeakland] Help in saving projects

Michael Rueger michael at squeakland.org
Mon Feb 2 15:44:05 PST 2004

Hi Marsha,

> But, believe it or not, I can get launched because I can't figure out
> how to save projects.  I know I figured it out last semester, but now
> I can't remember how I did it.  I click on Publish It.  And I want my
> students to be able to save the projects in their network folders.
> But no where can I find a way to browse to them.

I must confess that setting up Squeak for a classroom is still somewhat 
tricky and a few people are working on getting better solutions to work.

Please send some more information about your setup offline (Are you 
using Windows, Mac OS 9 /X, how do your network folders appear to the 
kids (drive or volume name).

Please make sure to have the newest version of the plugin (just go to 
squeakland and point to "get updates").

After wondering why your are having such a hard time it occurred to me, 
that you simply forgot about the "click and hold" oin the navigation 
bar? When you clikc on the publish or find button, but hold the mouse 
button down then a menu will appear after a short moment. This menu has 
entries for e.g. publish as, find (more places) etc.

Even if this solves your problem, please still send the extra 
information so I can help you with finding a better setup.



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